Follow your heart and find your passion

My name is Mario and here is the story how Black Pine came to my life.

It all started back in 1999 when I enrolled in Speleology school. After a year of speleology, I realized that I enjoy more in the process of looking and arriving to the caves than the actual visit to the caves so I decided to stay above the ground and finished mountaineering school.

For the last 18 years mountaineering and cycling were my hobbies and I earned money through playing the drums, photography, cooking and working in telecommunication sector. During 2 years in telecommunication sector the idea of becoming a professional guide was becoming more and more real.

Since I already finished mountaineering school and had an experience in cycling the last step on the path of professional guide was a licence of professional mountaineering and cycling guide which I shortly afterwards passed.

Then I started to work as a freelancer for different agencies. For the last 3 years I guided a lot of hiking and cycling tours in the Balkan region, mostly Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The most attractive tour is Via Dinarica hiking mega trail that extends from Slovenia to Albania.


Mario is an expert and fun at the same time. He cares about each individual in the group and tests all of us with boundaries. I experienced a breathtaking magical nature. Thanks, Mario!

Melita Subić




This 8 day adventure tour takes you from the rivers of Gorski Kotar, through the mountain of Grobnic
Alps, to the beautiful island of Cres. The tour starts in Zagreb, where we meet with our driver and head
to the two unparalleled natural phenomena – Green spring and Devil's passage created by rapid watercourses which carved canyons in carbonate rocks.

Let’s make wonders

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of
spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.